Hows It Work?

That’s probably one of the first questions you may ask; well that and “Is it spam?”.

It really is a simple question and answer for me as we are building an ever growing list of genuine freebie offers on our website.

The concept is simple. Thousands of companies in the UK (and internationally) give away FREE samples of the products they produce as a marketing strategy. Giving away products; using the Internet to do so; gives exposure to their business and attracts interest. They see it as people or try products are more likely to purchase that same product in the future.

This is to your advantage. It means that you an try products you may not have normally. You can then decide if its something you want or not. But the real benefit here is You Get It For FREE.


Its easy to get started.. Just follow the following 3 steps:

1) Browse our website and find a freebie or freebies you want; click the GRAB FREEBIE button
2) You will be redirected to the site that has the offer. Fill in the details it requests from you.
3) Sit back and wait for the freebie. Sometimes you may need to print out a voucher; do this and take to the store. In those cases details will be given in an email or on site.


For items you wait for you need to be patient. As you can imagine; these companies may get thousands of requests a week (if not per day) for their free items.


Many companies give out free stuff. You often see everything from makeup to baby items and the list changes daily. Make sure you pop back regularly to see what new offers may have been released…



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