Online Free Samples, Free Stuff and Freebies – Are they really FREE?

This is a question I believe many ask. Many people probably wander what the catch is; thinking that some point they will have to pay. In some ways that is true but before I give those details let me talk through my story of freebies and how I have paid through my experience.

Who is the author of this post and how does he qualify to tell me anything

Well; let me begin with saying that I have been getting FREEBIES through Internet connections for a number of years now and I enjoy collecting my FREEBIES. I have enjoyed it some much that I wanted to share it with the World (well; the part of it that would listen) so I recently crated a new FREEBIE website and have been adding all the latest free stuff, free samples and FREEBIES I find to it. Funny thing is; I’m probably the biggest user of my site as I apply for probably almost all of the free stuff I put on there…

Its more than that now. I said that I have been collecting freebies for many years. Its all started 2-3 years ago when I thought ‘I would like to own that piece of software but have not got the cash’. That thought turned into me approaching a company with an idea; then that company saying ‘I like that idea so here is the software’. This FREEBIE (and those that followed) had a cost attached; that cost was something I had to produce and share; a review on that product. I would go as far as to say that most; if not all; FREEBIES have a cost attached. That cost may not be monitory; but it would be something such as giving out your info or producing some content; or something else..

Freebies not free

As I say; in my experience freebies are not truly free. To grab a free sample; for example; you have to generally give your address for the to post. Maybe you also have to give an email. That’s the payment; they get your details so they can send you sales content. Even if there is a tick box to say don’t spam me; you can bet that there will be sales content in the packaging with the sample. This must work. A company must get sales this way because if they didn’t then the content would not be produced; samples would not be made.

Some other costs maybe something such as postage required. Maybe you have to spend some time filing in a survey. Maybe; as in the reviews; you have to produce some content. I think you maybe getting the picture now.. However, is this a bad thing?

Are Freebies a bad thing

For me the short answer is No! Freebies; even knowing the costs; are not a bad thing. There are a number of different things you can get for Free. The biggest market is probably cosmetics; but you can get drinks, food items, pet items and much much more. Now, maybe you would like to try some luxury perfume. Something you can’t normally afford. With the Free Samples you don’t need to afford it. Its FREE.. You an try it and use it and people can love it.. and at no cost. Maybe you wanted to try out some new pet food with your dog.. There are many other freebie items. Free stuff is not a bad thing.. but not all freebies are equal.

Freebies are not all equal

I would have to say that not all freebies are equal. In my experience of the free samples online I have received; they have all been of different sizes. We’ve had perfumes arrived that were just on a strip to smell and we’ve received some that had a good 5 days of usage. We’ve had full sized items such as 2 cans of redbull. Not all freebies are equal; but all are fantastic to grab. For the most part you get to use something that you may not ever have tried.

To Conclude

Are freebies and free stuff online real. Yes; without any doubt; mainly because I have have received them. They may all be different in quantity but they are certainly real enough.

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